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Visual Media Remote

Thank you for your interest in supporting VisualMR!

VisualMR is free for personal use but if you wish to express your appreciation for the time and resources I have spent developing and supporting VisualMR donations are very welcome :-)


Being a professional software developer for more than 15 years I develop software not only for the fun alone but also to make a living. Of course I don't expect to make a living out of VisualMR (especially given the very limited number of potential users owning a SoundBridge). But instead of working exclusively on vertical market projects (what I usually do), I would really like to spend more time on applications like VisualMR.

With my Newton software I found in the past that enough people had been willing to support development of high quality applications to justify spending more time on them - and that's something I'm really hoping to find to be still true nowadays.

For donating there are the following options:


Especially for PayPal members this is the easiest way to donate:

Donations in US$
Donations in British Pounds
Donations in Canadian $
Donations in Euro (English)
Donations in Euro (French)

Kagi Online Store

A simple and secure option to donate is using the Kagi Online Store which I've been using for over 10 years now. During that period of time it profed to be highly reliable. The quickest and easiest way is to use a credit card, but other payment options are available as well.

To donate using the Kagi please enter my page in the Kagi Online Store

Euro Bank Transfer

For people living in an Euro-country using "euro bank transfer" is another very option (especially since there no/very little fees involved). Please send me an email after you issued the money transfer since it is not always guaranteed that your name shows up in my account statement.

My bank account is as follows:

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