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AddressAccess - the easy and efficient interface to the contacts stored in your Newton AddressAccess
i++ lets you customize the i button in NOS2.x (open apps, freezing, backlight control,...) I++
WittyKeys lets you define keyboard shortcuts (OS2.1 only) WittyKeys
Backyard offers a virtual pin-board and customizable button bars Backyard
FreeBack - the simple, heap-saving freeware backdrop application FreeBack
Wunschzettel is a checklist manager that remembers items once entered Wunschzettel
Xchange is a small currency conversion utility Xchange
Feiertage adds German public holidays to dates Feiertage

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Why two versions of AddressAccess?

AA Pro is a shareware-based follow-on product of a commercial version of AddressAccess which had been available in German only. That commercial version had not been distributed by myself and so I wasn´t able to produce an international version (and Apple discontinuing the Newton prevented a commercial, international version).

Starting in 2000 I finally obtained the rights to produce a shareware-based version of that commercial AddressAccess as a long as it isn´t a free update to the classic shareware version (otherwise all those users paying for an upgrade from the shareware version to the commercial version would have all reasons to be disappointed).

Additionally I believe that the features that seperate Pro from Classic are really powerfull extensions that are well worth the extra US$10. And for those users who are satisfied with the classic AddressAccess and do not need card-linking, extended search capabilities, DateMan/MoreInfo/ActionNames integration, improved printouts I support the classic AddressAccess as well (as can be seen with the parallel update of AA Classic and AA Pro V2.20).

So I´m glad that I can finally make the extended version of AddressAccess available to the international Newton comunity and I hope you´ll enjoy it as much as a lot of German users did!

In case of any questions feel free to contact me.