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AddressAccess - the easy and efficient interface to the contacts stored in your Newton AddressAccess
i++ lets you customize the i button in NOS2.x (open apps, freezing, backlight control,...) I++
WittyKeys lets you define keyboard shortcuts (OS2.1 only) WittyKeys
Backyard offers a virtual pin-board and customizable button bars Backyard
FreeBack - the simple, heap-saving freeware backdrop application FreeBack
Wunschzettel is a checklist manager that remembers items once entered Wunschzettel
Xchange is a small currency conversion utility Xchange
Feiertage adds German public holidays to dates Feiertage

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Frequently asked questions

On this page I will answer the most frequently asked questions about my Newton tools.

How can I use your ".hqx" file?

All files on my site are compressed using StuffIt from Aladdin Systems. This format has the advantage that it can be uncompressed without problems on both Macs and Windows PCs. To uncompress these files please download the freely available StuffIt expander from Aladdin Systems homepage. If you use a Windows PC please read the next question&answer as well!

I cannot install any of your packages ("The file xyz.pkg is not a package")

On Windows PCs please make sure that you have set both "cross-plattform options" in StuffIt Expander to "NEVER" before uncompressing any ".sit" or ":hqx" file. Especially "Create Mac Binary" must be set to "NEVER" otherwise you´ll end up with a Macintosh file that isn´t readable by your Windows NCU, NBU or other package installer.

Strange problems with the i-menu

If you encounter problems accessing items in the i-menu (items are suddenly duplicated, tapping on "Prefs" or other items does nothing, the i-button stays hilited) than you probably use ScrollMenus from Stand Alone, Inc.. (ScrollMenus is located in the "Extensions" folder of "Extras"). Please visit the Stand Alone, Inc. web site and download the latest version of ScrollMenus to fix this problem

BTW: ScrollMenus 3.x is only needed and usefull for a few applications (I only know about DateMan and MoreFolders). V2.x enabled page-wise scrolling of popups but this feature isn´t included in V3.x anymore since the MP2x00 and eMate has this feature built-in.

ScrollMenus users please do read the next q&a as well.

After installing a new version, i++ doesn´t seem to work correctly anymore

If you have installed ScrollMenus than you need to reset your Newton after installing a new version of i++

Backdrop+ doesn´t apear as an active package ("task")

Please visit the Stand Alone, and download the latest version of Backdrop+. In earlier versions of Backdrop+ there are some standard informations missing that my tools need in order to display this program correctly in the "task list"

Problems launching frozen packages

If you encounter problems with launching frozen packages than you are maybe using FreezeMan, FreezeUtilities or NewtCase. All these tools handle freezing&rethawing similar to i++ & co. Please make sure that you use the latest versions of them and i++.

BTW: Apart from this conflict a few packages do not work properly when launched from a frozen state. For example some programs do deferred processing after they are closed. Therefore the package must be present right after the program had been closed. But this isn´t the case when the program automatically has been refrozen right after closing it.

In case of any questions feel free to contact me.