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AddressAccess - the easy and efficient interface to the contacts stored in your Newton AddressAccess
i++ lets you customize the i button in NOS2.x (open apps, freezing, backlight control,...) I++
WittyKeys lets you define keyboard shortcuts (OS2.1 only) WittyKeys
Backyard offers a virtual pin-board and customizable button bars Backyard
FreeBack - the simple, heap-saving freeware backdrop application FreeBack
Wunschzettel is a checklist manager that remembers items once entered Wunschzettel
Xchange is a small currency conversion utility Xchange
Feiertage adds German public holidays to dates Feiertage

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There really isn´t a lot to say about FreeBack. Its just a very simple tool to be used as the backdrop application with Newtons running OS2.0 or higher. It has been to designed to use only minimal heap: approx. 1.1K of heap is used (standard apps often use more than 10K)

Usign FreeBack as backdrop instead of a full-featured app has two advantages
  1. Since the backdrop is always open it always occupies heap. FreeBack is (nearly) the most simple Newton app possible consequently it uses only very little heap. This results in significant increase of free heap.

  2. A backdrop app has to stick in the back. So there is no way to bring it in front of other open apps (apart from closing all other apps - that´s wast the OS does when you try opening a backdrop app). With FreeBack as backdrop there is no such handicaped application anymore.
To save as much heap as possible, I included only minimal functionallity into FreeBack: It consists of a blank screen with an i-button which offers a minimal help and about info. The app isn´t configurable since every option has to be set at run-time (=uses heap). The main reason for including the i-button is that you can use it in conjuction with i++ to launch packages, rotate the screen, ...


Price and Registration

FreeBack is freeware so can use it without registering it.


The files are compressed and binhexed using StuffIt from Aladdin Systems. So you need their (free) StuffIt Expander which is available for Mac and Windows. If you use a Windows-PC please check that you have set the cross platform preference to NEVER.
bulletDownload English version (V1.00e)
(there isn´t a German version since the package itself has nearly no text at all so a translation would only be different for the ReadMe)

In case of any questions feel free to contact me.