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AddressAccess - the easy and efficient interface to the contacts stored in your Newton AddressAccess
i++ lets you customize the i button in NOS2.x (open apps, freezing, backlight control,...) I++
WittyKeys lets you define keyboard shortcuts (OS2.1 only) WittyKeys
Backyard offers a virtual pin-board and customizable button bars Backyard
FreeBack - the simple, heap-saving freeware backdrop application FreeBack
Wunschzettel is a checklist manager that remembers items once entered Wunschzettel
Xchange is a small currency conversion utility Xchange
Feiertage adds German public holidays to dates Feiertage

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About Registration

If you like one of my applications and use it regulary please register your copy and pay the small fee.

How much does it cost?

Since I will not update my Newton programms in the future anymore, I did bundle them and cut prices significantly.

Programm EUR USD
AddressAccess Pro EUR 10 USD 12
AA Classic nach Pro Upgrade EUR 5 USD 5
Bundle i++, Backyard, WittyKeys, Wunschzettel EUR 10 USD 12
ALL: i++, Backyard, WittyKeys, Wunschzettel, AA Pro EUR 15 USD 20

How to register my Newton stuff

A registration is bound to one person (name entered in the Newton). Registered users receive a code that depend on the name as written in the owner info. To enter the code just press the "Code"-button in the "About"-box and fill in the code at the lower left corner. If your name changes (i.e. marriage) just send me an email with the new name and I will return the new code number. If you switch between two different owner names (i.e. official and private) just send me both - the programs support two codes at the same time. There are two different ways of paying:
  1. Sending cash to my home address.
  2. Web-based registration by credit card using Kagi

Sending Cash

You can send the registration fee as cash in US$ (or the equivalent amount in your local currency) in a letter to:
Thorsten Lange
Eichenstrasse 4
20259 Hamburg

Please send only cash and not a check because the fees for cashing a foreign check in Germany are very high (more than some registration fees).

Be sure to include your exact owner name and your email address! It's best to wrap the money in some thick paper and send me an email note that the money is on it's way. Sending cash really worked without any problems, so far!

Web-based (Kagi)

You can pay by credit card by simply filling in a web form. The registration will be processed by Kagi. If you want to know more about Kagi and the web-based registration please visit their homepage where all common question will be answered.

You will receive a confirmation email by Kagi at the same time I will be notified of your registration. After receiving the notification I will send you the registration code.

NOTEs about using Kagi

In case of any questions feel free to contact me.