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VisualMR V2 (Beta)
for WindowsMobile

If you have a PocketPC with access to your home network (e.g. WLAN), VisualMR will turn it into a cool, feature rich and easy to use remote control that controls all your SoundBridges from anyplace with LAN access.

Installation Requirements

If you like to buy a WindowsMobile device for running VisualMR I've compiled a few general recommendations in my VisualMR-FAQ.

Updating from older VisualMR

If you already installed a previous version of VisualMR just install the new one overwriting the older version. Important: Make sure that the old version isn't running when installing the update. You can end VisualMR using 'File'/'Exit' (or simply reset your device).

Download and Installation

> Click to Download VisualMR V2.0.0 for WindowsMobile with touchscreen <

If you like VisualMR please consider donating to support its development.


Please read the enclosed ReadMe carefully, especially that the software is provided 'AS IS' without warranty of any kind and that you use it on your own risk :-)

The downloaded zip-compressed file contains the ReadMe and the installers (CAB-files) for VisualMR as well as the BlueGlass-Skin.

Just copy the provided 'VisualMR_PPC.CAB' to your WindowsMobile device (for example using ActiveSync) and execute it there using Pocket FileExplorer. The Installer will create a directory 'VisualMR' under '\Program Files' and create a shortcut into "Start Menu/Programs". Nothing else is installed or altered.

For VisualMR to run correctly you also need to install the 'BlueGlass' skin that comes with VisualMR: Therefore copy+install 'Blueglass.XXX.CAB' as you've done with VisualMR.CAB described above. There are two versions of 'BlueGlass':

If in doubt you can install both versions of BlueGlass on the same WindowsMobile device.


To uninstall just go to 'Start'/'Settings'/'System'/'Remove Programs' and select ' VisualMR' and ' VisualMR BlueGlass' for removal.

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